What our customers are saying

We did our homework before choosing Abisso to fix our home contaminated with Knauf drywall. We can honestly say that having Abisso as our general contractor eased the pain of having our home torn apart and put back together again. This was the first experience in our lives that we felt we were not being taken advantage of by a contractor. Abisso did what they said they would do and then some!! We got back a home that is safe, outstanding construction quality, and we found new friends in the process. Thank you to Shannon Holland. Job extremely well done!
Richard and Patti Kampf
Cape Coral, Florida
Shannon, we have now been back in our home for five months and we just want to let you know how happy we are to be back. Our ordeal with the CDW lasted for almost two years and it is finally over. We are very appreciative of the suggestions you made that made our home even better than it was when it was new. The dentil molding is just what you said it would be. All of your people and the sub contractors were also great to deal with. Thanks for all of your help!
Jim & Cheryl Silverblatt
Venice, Florida
In late 2010 I had my house remediated by Abisso. My mindset was that of total frustration since I was a victim of Chinese drywall and the process of remediation to me seemed overwhelming. However, my decision to use Abisso and to work with Shannon and his associates made the situation so much more bearable. From the time I signed the contract until the last day, AbissoCleanse worked in a timely manner, paid great attention to detail and the completion of the remediation was above and beyond my expectations. An added bonus was that Shannon and his team were cordial, l always prompt to answer phone calls, and just a delight to work with. So I highly recommend Abisso and would not hesitate to refer anyone to use their services.
Agnes Mozdzonek
Cape Coral, Florida
Abisso did a fabulous job remediating our home. spent a great deal of time with us explaining their process. He was always readily available to answer any of our questions or concerns. This is a very trying time but his expertise in this matter took the weight off our shoulders. Shannon's informative insight into this dilemma is unsurpassed. We highly recommend Abisso to anyone who is contemplating remediation. We are extremely satisfied and grateful with the results we received from Abisso!
Susan & Sal Francipane
Cape Coral, Florida
We would like to extend of heartfelt appreciation to Abisso for their hard work and dedication in the successful remediation of our home. If you are a homeowner dealing with the unfortunate circumstance of deciding the best contractor for remediating your home, we highly recommend Abisso. Our home is free of the sulphur odor and Abisso was able to treat and save all of our furniture. Thank you, Abisso.
Richard and Larene Tullo
Cape Coral, Florida
We have been dealing with Shannon for about one month. Our home is in the drywall stage so we can’t say anything about finish work. What we can say is that Shannon is the type of person who you would probably not need a written contract. If he says it – he will do it. He has taken very good care of our lawn and tried to keep trucks which leak oil off our pavers in the driveway .So far things have been moving along at a quick pace and we are well pleased.
Bernie & Barbara Heinemann
Cape Coral, Florida